colophon: a graphic design studio and type-design research initiative
(*latent stare*) located in west amsterdam, the netherlands


studio address
colophon, david bennewith
willemsstraat 32 bg.
1015 JD Amsterdam, NL

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commissioned work
• graphic identity, collateral and book design for wendelien van oldenborgh 'cinema olanda', curated by lucy cotter, the netherland's entry to the 2017 venice biennale, commissioned by the mondriaan fund (2017)
• book design for lawrence abu hamdan '[inaudible] a politics of listening', published by sternberg press, portikus and kunst halle sankt gallen (2016)
• exhibition graphics 'munich 1972: the design of a democratic body' with bram van den berg, curated by marten kuijpers, het nieuwe instituut, rotterdam (2016)
• illustrated floorplan for simon denny 'business insider' with bram van den berg, curated by zoë gray, wiels, brussels (2016)
• catalogue design for simon denny 'products for organising', published by serpentine galleries and koenig books (2015)
• graphic identity and collateral design for simon denny 'secret power', new zealand's entry to the 2015 venice biennale, commissioned by creative new zealand (2015)
+ 'simon denny, the artist who did reverse espionage on the NSA' published in the guardian (2015)
+ catalogue design for 'secret power', published by walter koenig and mousse (2015)
• essay 'taught.' and collaboration book design 'reprint karel martens' published by roma publications (2015)
+ scan of essay (2016) [3.3mb, PDF]
• exhibition 'churchward samoa', post 1987 stock market crash the type designer joseph churchward sets up a new studio in apia samoa, at city gallery wellington new zealand (2014)
• essay 'a plastic curve wrote 'possibilities'.' about the late type-designer joseph churchward's drawing curves, for te papa museum of new zealand (2013)
• signage system for simon denny 'the personal effects of kim dotcom' (2013)
• identity and graphic design for casco – office for art, design and theory, utrecht, the netherlands (2012->)
• publication design for simon denny 'envisaging vocational rehabilitation' (2012)
• book design for ruth buchanan 'the weather, a building', published by sternberg press (2012)
• essay 'a date at tetterode' for 'type & characters' curated by paul gangloff (2012) [561kb, PDF]
• book design for ruth buchanan 'lying freely' (2010)
• type design for vanessa van dam 'armando' (2010)

research and initiative work
• exhibition, participant in 'which mirror do you want to lick?' documenting the commissioning process of design work from an ex-NSA graphic designer, conceived by sophie dederen, maki suzuki and radim peško, brno, czech republic and nice, france (2016/7)
• publication 'churchward international typefaces' a story-in-process on the working life of joseph churchward, published by clouds (2009)
+ review of 'churchward international typefaces' by tim abrahams, published in frieze magazine (2009)
• essay 'marianna, hey! together' about the typeface joseph churchward designed for his daughter (2009) [269kb, PDF]
• publication 'C O N N E C T' about the design of ken garland's iconic board game, self-published (2010)
+ interview with ken garland from publication [741kb, PDF]

• illustrated essay 'a patient waiter is no loser' a collection of notes and observations about letters designed using dots, instead of lines. published in the national grid #7 (2011) [17.4mb, PDF]
• exhibition and research project '*latent stare*' at casco – office for art, design and theory (2012)
+ interview (in 2 parts) about '*latent stare*' by kelly carmichael for (2013)
• typevideo – drusenheim/rheinmünster-greffern, from workshop with hear strasbourg and hfg karlsruhe (2014)
• essay 'some thoughts on trendy pornography' about the free font 'trendy pornography' published on and the question of an 'erotic' in fonts, published in extra extra magazine (2016) [3.2mb, PDF]

free fonts
• 'Lincoln/MITRE Fonts' a study of the typographic system designed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory for use in various displays on the early warning air defence computer network SAGE [1950s-1980s] (2016) [58kb, .ZIP]
• 'stanley smith' a hard-graft of stanley morison’s ubiquitous typeface 'times new roman', and adidas’ ubiquitous tennis shoe 'stan smith' (2016) [3.5mb, .ZIP]
• 'brazil' motivated by a tag seen on the wall of an amsterdam fondue café toilet in 2010 (2016) [837kb, .ZIP]

teaching work
head of the graphic design department, gerrit rietveld academie, amsterdam, the netherlands

*technical images for social engineering*